May 2, 2019

Episode 44 - Broke The Seal

This week Tim wants to celebrate a new band he’s been listening to, the boys are both trying to stay away from Avengers: EndGame and Game of Thrones spoilers as a man shouts out spoilers in Hong Kong. Rob has been reading about how people love to hear mouth sounds on podcasts and watches Stan & Ollie, he’s also been to see Shazam with his daughter and her boyfriend (she’s twelve) for their 1 month anniversary (?!) and we discuss filming Tim’s ghost and he watches Russian Doll on Netflix.

In the news we tell of a woman who had something living in her eye, a lady who’s lips nearly fell off her face and a steamy romp in Brisbane, Australia; it’s also at this point that Rob’s headphones explode.

Our movie retrospective of the week is Arachnophobia from 1990 with spoilers, clips, the original trailer and some nice facts thrown in, find the movie somewhere and then listen to this afterwards.


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