From Under The Thumb Podcast


Episode 34 - BMX’s, Hookers & Coke

January 31, 2019

The winter is hitting the UK this week and there is a snow warning, Rob’s got a theory about where Spiderman ‘Far From Home’ comes in the Marvel timeline, Marco gets some grief from us as usual too.

Rob does have a serious gripe this week about the horrible and tragic Emiliano Sala story and needs to get this off his chest, Prince Philip has been in the news and it turns out the royals don’t have to wear a seatbelt?!

In the news, a woman finds her lost ring in an extraordinary place, a witch casts a spell to get her bike back, and a pot washer wins $21m in court!

After all that, Rob brings another ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz for you to take part in and then we get to geek out to one of our favourite horror movies ‘The Conjuring’, we have clips, the original trailer and lots more.

Also.. Bond, Sex Education on Netflix, Frozen 2, Richard Branson’s body, MH370 and so much more.