From Under The Thumb Podcast


Episode 28 - Lost Children of Nightmare

December 2, 2018

This week we start to talk about gaming as Tim is trying to get his game ready for XBOX, we bring up GTA Vice City, Roblox, Minecraft and Battlefield V, Rob’s son finds a mud slide before school, the loudest clock in the world during a meeting and Tim asks for Mince Pie recipe’s.

Rob watches Cam on Netflix and hopes nobody catches him watching it, that leads us to Nymphomaniac Vol.1 & 2. Daredevil on Netflix gets cancelled are Marvel starting their own streaming service?

We demand that GamesMaster is brought back to our screens and we remember Nightmare on ITV and we discover that Tim’s missus has been on Wackaday! Rob’s been listening to Queen, a phantom farter at the darts in Wolverhampton and how to do a proper gender reveal on YouTube.

It’s Rob’s turn to bring our ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz so have your pens and papers ready and we have picked Cobra from 1986 featuring badass Sly Stallone, as our weekly geek out with the usual clips, original trailer and did you know about the X-Rated version?