From Under The Thumb Podcast


Episode 44 - Broke The Seal

This week Tim wants to celebrate a new band he’s been listening to, the boys are both trying to stay away from Avengers: EndGame and Game of Thrones spoilers as a man shouts out spoilers in Hong Kong. Rob has been reading about how people love to hear mouth sounds on podcasts and watches Stan & Ollie, he’s also been to see Shazam with his daughter and her boyfriend (she’s twelve) for their 1 month anniversary (?!) and we discuss filming Tim’s ghost and he watches Russian Doll on Netflix.

In the news we tell of a woman who had something living in her eye, a lady who’s lips nearly fell off her face and a steamy romp in Brisbane, Australia; it’s also at this point that Rob’s headphones explode.

Our movie retrospective of the week is Arachnophobia from 1990 with spoilers, clips, the original trailer and some nice facts thrown in, find the movie somewhere and then listen to this afterwards.



Episode 43 - Eight Legged Demon

We are back after an Easter break but it was actually because Tim had a water leak in his house, Rob’s been affected by a spider in his lounge during a quite night in (that’s every night by the way) and Marco has had a haircut. Rob’s still on his diet but has enjoyed Easter anyway, Tim’s seen Captain Marvel and he’s been watching The Orville and Star Trek Discovery.

Rob’s been watching Russian Doll on Netflix, Tim’s disgusted with The Big Bang Theory final season, we talk about zombie apocalypse shows briefly and Rob stumbles across SAS: Who Dares Wins.

In the news we tell of a man who cut off his manhood in a bid to go viral online, the lady who married a zombie doll is back in the papers again and a man is taking his parents to court for getting rid of his porn collection.

Our movie Retrospective of the week is The Abyss by James Cameron from 1989 which is known to be one of the most difficult films ever made, we’ve got the best trailer we could find, some of the stories from the set and some clips thrown in.



Episode 42 - It’s Weird The First Time

This week Rob’s diet is going very well but Marco’s brownies are just going to waste and Rob still won’t let Marco bathe him. Tim turns up looking like one of the Gallaghers, movie trailers are too long as we talk about the latest Annabelle Comes Home trailer and we ask how many adverts do you need before a film starts at the cinema?

Tim’s other half believes the ghost in his house looks like Adrian Brody and also thinks Terence Trent Derby is dead. We talk about some of the strange things the Amazon Echo does without being prompted and we remember when we stumbled upon a Bollywood premiere in Bradford.

In the news we find a New Yorker who gets locked out of his iPad for 49 years and Slattery’s café has a chocolate challenge for you.

Tim brings this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz and then we dive deep into the 1990 Sci-Fi / Action movie Total Recall, with the original teaser trailer, some clips and some facts you may not know., with the original teaser trailer, some clips and some facts you may not know.

Total Recall


Episode 41 - You Took My Sheath Man!

This week Tim is trying to get his game (The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead) working on the Xbox and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2 is coming out on Xbox Live for free, we also remember Tim trying to get 1000G on Crackdown. Rob tries not to get too angry whilst he’s on his diet but is upset about being the I.T. man in the house and then Tim has another ghost update as the spooky events in his house continue.

Rob finally watched Hereditary and gives his spoiler free verdict, Tim has seen the new Joker movie trailer and Rob talks about trying to find the Teen Wolf (Michael J Fox version) soundtrack to no avail; Tim watches some of The Rookie on Sky/ABC, Rob catches the first few episodes of The OA on
Netflix and we get misty eyed and shady over Def Leppard being inaugurated into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for 2019.

In the news we have a w***er on a tube train in London, a man gets circumcised in Leicester and a man takes too long in a public toilet in Manchester then Rob brings us another round of our Beat The Intro Quiz.

We chose John Carpenter’s The Fog for our in depth movie chat this week, we have clips (which we found hard to edit due to how bloody awesome this movie is), the original trailer from 1980 and a few facts thrown in for good measure; it might be a good idea to see the movie first and then listen,
unless you are like us and you have seen it 463 times.

The Fog


Episode 40 - You Can’t Milk A Pigeon

This week we discuss having kids as we are nearing 40 and remember ‘This Is Your Life’ and who could present that show nowadays. Tim watches ‘The Dirt’ on Netflix about Motley Crue and Rob’s been listening to a lot of Steel Panther whilst walking the dog. Rob has given his wife her own theme tune when using the stairlift which the kids have now adopted too and he’s been watching ‘Love, Death + Robots' on Netflix, Tim gripes about ‘Supernatural’ having 15 seasons and then we talk about the BBC.

In the news a man shoots himself whilst trying to kill a bug, cheap Panini stickers breaching copyright rules and the worlds greatest pigeon sells at auction for record breaking money.

Tim has supplied this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz and then we go through the 1992 Roland Emmerich action movie ‘Universal Soldier’, we’ve got the original trailer, the clips and our verdicts on whether it still stands up or not.

Universal Soldier


Episode 39 - Throaty Modem

This week Tim’s been to the barbers and has another ghostly experience in his house which gives both of us the creeps and you can’t tell, but we were on edge for the whole show (and stay tuned until the end as Tim manages to scare the hell out of us both), Rob’s watching ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’ on Netflix and have radio stations dumped the music of Michael Jackson? Tim’s watching ‘Night Flyer’ on Netflix which is in space, not at sea; whilst Rob gets a guy in to look at his broken dishwasher.

In the news we talk about a woman in Bulgaria who made a private video for her husband but manages to live stream herself on Facebook instead.

Rob has brought this weeks ‘Beat The Intro’ Quiz and then we dive into the 1990 children’s favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we’ve got the clips, trailer, we talk about the mistakes and the appearances of some now very famous actors.

Please don’t have nightmares after Tim’s story, although he wasn’t kidding and I think he’s terrified of his own house at night.



Episode 38 - Hey Vladimir!

This week Tim is very hairy, he’s had a night in A&E and he’s been to the zoo; we batten down the hatches and prepare for Storm Gareth and Rob announces that we’re celebrating our first podcast anniversary!

We have some movies theories that fans have concocted online about ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘Back To The Future’ whilst Rob is getting dragged in to the ‘Fortnite’ craze and asks if buying things makes your character harder to kill?

In the news we talk of a gentleman in Russia who has a knife in his back but is desperate for a cigarette, a sex oasis on a real estate listing and a foul mouthed police constable in Wales.

Our movie choice this week is another John Hughes classic ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ including clips, facts and the original movie trailer and just before that Rob brings this weeks 'Beat The Intro Quiz' and wings it with the answers (yeah, forget to write them down, sorry).

Planes Trains


Episode 37 - Stars & Ting

This week the boys make the life changing discovery that is ‘Yorkshire Tea - Biscuit’, Tim is having a new bathroom fitted, we question how men have secret other families, Rob’s missus watches Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC and we talk about the 2019 Oscars, Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star Is Born, Sex Education on Netflix and Queen for a bit.

In the news we tell a story of a woman who watches a mystery VHS she finds in her parents room, Tim asks for your feelings on missionary position, a man gets busted in a Manchester massage parlour and a desperate mum is on the hunt for love ..for her son.

Our beat the intro quiz for this week is provided by our lovely listener Mel who has put a slight spin on proceedings and then we get to talk about possibly the best teen comedy of all time ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ by John Hughes from 1986., we've got the clips, original trailer and many facts you may not have even heard about.



Episode 36 - Leather Waistcoats

This week Tim goes straight in on Rob with the insults and Marco has been poisoning the family again, Rob pulls out his sons tooth and we talk about Tim’s sons love of the Hoover; we also find out how much things are on Fortnite. Rob listened to the podcast ‘Rock Candy’ who have been talking about Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and Rob needs to talk about the tracklisting and how Thriller was released as a single, we remember seeing Whitesnake live and we talk about the news of Terminator: Dark Fate.

In the news we give you a story of a lady who marries a zombie doll, a worried man who’s girlfriend is stealing him sperm and a lawyer who causes contamination in court.

Rob is supplying this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz for you to play along with and send your answer sheets to us @underthumbpod on Twitter or get us on Facebook or join are new Discord server and come and chat to us anytime you feel the need.

Finally we geek out over the 1982 Stallone classic Rambo: First Blood featuring the original trailer, clips and facts you may not know.

First Blood


Episode 35 - Grab Me A Cold One

This week Tim has finished watching ALL the Marvel films in chronological order, we remember watching Barry Norman as kids and Rob has been physically attacked by his cat (Sheldon) and Tim remembers his old cats (Pete) psychotic ways.

Rob has a job alternative for Marco if he can meet the demands, Andy Murray posts his x-ray on social media with a surprise included, Rob splits his jeans and Tim queues at Lidl for bread?!

In the news we tell of incest in Nebraska, blue animals in Essex and a woman plans to marry her duvet.

This week Tim has made a ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz for us all to play and then we go to the movies to talk about Brian De Palma’s adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’.