From Under The Thumb Podcast


Episode 16 - Don’t Get Jealous Of Bernard

This week Rob has had an alcoholic drink for the first time in ages which then brings a few memories back for us including an old friend called Bernard and Tim’s old house being an electrical nightmare then Rob remembers an impromptu meet and great with Jonathan Davis of Korn. Tim talks about getting messy after hours at the local bars Jungle Gym for the adults and when we went to ‘Go Ape’.

We give a huge congratulations to Master Debaters for hitting the #100 podcast.

We have our Beat The Intro Quiz donated to us this week by Leanne Rice, we have news of a Witch in Zimbabwe casting sex spells, a woman who’s boobs wont stop growing and a zoo keeper in Cairo is painting stripes on Donkeys to make them look like Zebras.

To finish we review the first ever summer blockbuster JAWS.



Episode 15 - West Side Story With Cats

This week Rob’s had a birthday and has his carpets fitted on the same day whilst his sister Jane sends him pictures of cats on Facebook Messenger, we talk about visiting Granada Studios and Coronation Street when we were at school, is the slang term ‘Johnny’ a Yorkshire thing? ..and Tim thinks U2 sang Cotton Eye Joe.

We bring news of a woman who urinates in the aisle of an aircraft in front of the passengers, an arrest made in Georgia decided by a coin toss and a penis so big it can be seen from space.

Listener Mel from Canada brings this weeks beat the intro quiz and then we choose The Goonies from 1985 for our in-depth film review.



Episode 14 - Death Money

We are back now that the World Cup in Russia has come to an end so we talk about that and Wimbledon for a few minutes before Tim brings out another great Ghost story which will chill your bones, that sparks off a few strange stories from our past and Rob tells us what his wife though of 'Rampage' featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Rob brings news of a rat stuck in an ATM in India and a missing woman turns up on a beach in Indonesia whilst Tim provides this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz!

After all that fun we settle down to talk about John Carpenter's 'The Thing' from 1982 as our featured film of the week along with clips, facts and a retro trailer too.

The Thing


Episode 13 - First Blood For Kids

This week Rob's son goes camping with Beavers and Rob's not bitter in the slightest, Tim watches 'Professional Bake Off' and just how brutal it is. We talk about how Taylor Swift failed to sell out stadiums in the UK, we're going to watch the England game in a bar and Tim's mum joins the live chat!

Tim has tragic news of a woman who gets eaten whole by a snake, Rob tells of a house full of spiders and Akon is planning on building a real life Wakanda in Senegal.

Our friend Lea Rice has brought this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz (answer sheets are always appreciated) before we take an in depth look at the 1980 slasher movie 'Friday The 13th' (at around 1hr 9mins).

Friday 13th


Episode 12 - Total ReSchmuck

This week Rob takes the family to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at the iSense screen at the local Odeon Cinema and.. it's emotional, Tim watches the French Open Tennis as Rafa wins again and Rob gets rudely awoken by a bloody cat.

We bring news of a woman who is terrified of Spiders so calls for help and a man who makes a living selling dogs testicles.

Also The Proclaimers, Russia World Cup 2018, Urine, The He-Wee, Rob's wound and other stuff.

We have our Beat The Intro Quiz as per usual which Rob's wife has kindly put together and then we delve into our weekly movie review which this week is James Cameron's The Terminator.

The Terminator


Episode 11 - The Flamenco Shower

This week Tim's been to Scotland and goes to Loch Ness, he also gets a full frontal from 'No Pants Man' opposite; Rob's had to do the GDPR exam at work, much to his disgust and finally had the operation on his wrist.

We tell the story of not getting into the cinema to see 'Terminator 2' when we were kids, 80's cartoon 'The Raccoons' and it's raining liquid poo in Canada?!

Tim is the host of another fun filled 'Beat The Intro' music quiz and to finish, we bring you our review of 1982's Poltergeist by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg.



Episode 10 - The Van That Rocked with Kevin Gootee

Join Rob and Tim as they crawl out from under the thumb again, this week we're joined by stand-up comic Kevin Gootee who talks about his Amazon Prime Video show 'Comics Watching Comics', we also bring you news of Clive who delivers his sperm from his van, MDMA parties, Tim milks a pig at a 5 year olds birthday party and Rob is ready for the Russia World Cup with his new wall chart.

Kevin Gootee

We have another massive Beat The Intro Quiz for you, provided by Rob's wife Andrea and then we review Tim Burton's Batman from 1989, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.



Episode 9 - Afternoon Delight

This week Tim has been to see a Billy Idol tribute at the local social club and finds an old door in house whilst Rob tries to find the yoghurt thief in his family; we bring news of soft core porn on, an awkward note from a neighbour and Tim's brother has a mishap in a cafe during breakfast.

Join us for another round of our Beat The Intro quiz which has been donated by our good friend Henno again.

We also review the Spielberg masterpiece that is Jurassic Park whilst it celebrates it's 25th anniversary year.

Also, Gladiators UK, Zayn's new Bee Gee's single, Wagner follows us on Twitter and Eurovision 2018.

Jurassic Park


Episode 8 - Tarantula & Ting

This week Tim has nearly finished his building work and tells us of a guy who is frozen on Everest whilst Rob goes to the football and brings some refreshing Ting Light drinks to the show.

Rob has news of a stalker who has been keeping diaries, Exotic Tarantula Burgers at Bull City Burger & Brewery and a couple who parade around naked.. kind of.

Our big film review of the week which came first in our twitter poll is Blade from 1998 starring Wesley Snipes as a vampire killing machine and our listener Henno gifts us another Beat The Intro Quiz.

All of this as well as everything in between including Black Panther, True Horror on Channel4, Cobra Kai on YouTube Red and much more.



Episode 7 - The Soap Ghost

This week Rob and Tim creep out 'From Under The Thumb' to bring you ghostly tales, Tim has been renovating his house with his brother when things start to go bump in the night; Rob talks sleep walking and strange premonitions and Tim goes to the police station.

Our movie review, chosen by our listeners via a Twitter vote, is Luc Besson's 1997 Sci-Fi Action classic 'The Fifth Element' featuring a stellar cast whilst our listener Bobby Meek tries to get a cast member to listen to us live on Facebook.

Fifth Element

We have our weekly Beat The Intro quiz which has been brought to us this week by Mel Walker off've Canada, Rob has news of candy cock sweets, dodgy Mr. Men t-shirts and the infamous Penis Baba.