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Episode 35 - Grab Me A Cold One

This week Tim has finished watching ALL the Marvel films in chronological order, we remember watching Barry Norman as kids and Rob has been physically attacked by his cat (Sheldon) and Tim remembers his old cats (Pete) psychotic ways.

Rob has a job alternative for Marco if he can meet the demands, Andy Murray posts his x-ray on social media with a surprise included, Rob splits his jeans and Tim queues at Lidl for bread?!

In the news we tell of incest in Nebraska, blue animals in Essex and a woman plans to marry her duvet.

This week Tim has made a ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz for us all to play and then we go to the movies to talk about Brian De Palma’s adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’.



Episode 34 - BMX’s, Hookers & Coke

The winter is hitting the UK this week and there is a snow warning, Rob’s got a theory about where Spiderman ‘Far From Home’ comes in the Marvel timeline, Marco gets some grief from us as usual too.

Rob does have a serious gripe this week about the horrible and tragic Emiliano Sala story and needs to get this off his chest, Prince Philip has been in the news and it turns out the royals don’t have to wear a seatbelt?!

In the news, a woman finds her lost ring in an extraordinary place, a witch casts a spell to get her bike back, and a pot washer wins $21m in court!

After all that, Rob brings another ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz for you to take part in and then we get to geek out to one of our favourite horror movies ‘The Conjuring’, we have clips, the original trailer and lots more.

Also.. Bond, Sex Education on Netflix, Frozen 2, Richard Branson’s body, MH370 and so much more.



Episode 33 - Pac’s Back

This week Tim is on his own so Marco has ordered the strippers again, we’ve got a small update of Tim’s ghost, Rob’s been to play Laser Tag at a kids party and he’s upset with KFC. Also Tim’s new TV, Agent of SHIELD, the beauty of PLEX, Rob watches ‘Upgrade’, Sex Education on Netflix and more.

In the news we have an incident with a can of Glade air freshener, a man injects himself with semen to cure a back problem and the revelation that 2Pac is alive and in the studio.

Tim brings this weeks Beat The Intro quiz and then we go into the 1995 action comedy ‘Bad Boys’ with clips, facts and the original trailer. 

Bad Boys


Episode 32 - Fat Dreams

We’re back for 2019! Tim has been watching Rambo due to being influenced by Instagram, a possible 5th film in the franchise and a possible Brian Dennehy review season. Rob is having some serious issues with his weight after the last Instagram post and he’s losing sleep over it and how much does Tim pay to park at a wedding!? Tim has started watching the whole Marvel film series in order, Rob watches the Bros documentary ‘After The Screaming Stops’ on BBC iPlayer (Bros are an 80’s pop group, for all our US listeners), a lost cats on Facebook and Tim has possibly the most Rock ‘n’ Roll new year celebration ever!

Rob brings another Beat The Intro quiz for everyone to play, we have some news for you as usual and then the boys chat about 1987’s Lethal Weapon with the original trailer, clips and facts!

Lethal Weapon


Episode 31- Dogs Licking Cliff

We're in full seasonal mode here at FUTT Podcast HQ and Rob has a theory on Cliff Richard and his secret son whilst Tim owns up to seeing his in concert, Marco is poisoning Tim and his family which is why he is constantly ill; Rob goes to see Def Leppard in Sheffield all by himself and finds the best male toilet in the UK.

Tim is watching ‘Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ and Rob watches ‘Sunderland Till I Die’ on Netflix whilst in the news we have Drone issues in a UK airport, Pie Eating Controversy and a Sock Fetishist in China gets his comeuppance.

Rob brings a special Christmas edition of our Beat The Intro quiz and then we get to talk about the classic festive comedy Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin with movie clips, the original trailer and more.

Home Alone



Episode 30 - Dan

This week Tim’s dad has a birthday party and we meet Dan (who puts Marco in the shade), Rob finds himself at the Bingo on a Friday night and also a police chase that never happened.

We have a spoiler free talk about The Predator which is directed and co-written by Shane Black who was in the original film, The Avengers: End Game Trailer and also Venom featuring Tom Hardy.

In the news a man dies as his lady friend smothers him with her body, a man coughs something up and Tim brings sexy photo news.

Tim has produced this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz for us, Rob reveals his love for a certain 80’s band and then we get to geek out over Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Running Man from 1987; we have clips, facts and the original trailer but is Arnold the best part of the film?

Running Man 


Episode 29 - Midnight Glory

This week Rob goes to see Ralph Breaks The Internet in cinemas and the kids love the YouTube cameos, Tim’s son bangs his head, Bradford Illuminations and his sons worrying use of Talc.

Tim has a ghost update for us all and gets creeped out in the middle of the night, he also brings news on a 7 year old YouTube star who reviews toys, LA based musician Threatin’ tours the UK but all is not what it seems and is Les Dennis a graffiti artist?  

Rob brings another Beat The Intro Quiz for everyone to play and then we get to geek out over Paul Verhoven’s sex heavy ‘Basic Instinct’, with clips, massive spoilers the original trailer (which should have been released as a single in the 90’s btw) and Rob’s theory on the ending.

Basic Instinct


Episode 28 - Lost Children of Nightmare

This week we start to talk about gaming as Tim is trying to get his game ready for XBOX, we bring up GTA Vice City, Roblox, Minecraft and Battlefield V, Rob’s son finds a mud slide before school, the loudest clock in the world during a meeting and Tim asks for Mince Pie recipe’s.

Rob watches Cam on Netflix and hopes nobody catches him watching it, that leads us to Nymphomaniac Vol.1 & 2. Daredevil on Netflix gets cancelled are Marvel starting their own streaming service?

We demand that GamesMaster is brought back to our screens and we remember Nightmare on ITV and we discover that Tim’s missus has been on Wackaday! Rob’s been listening to Queen, a phantom farter at the darts in Wolverhampton and how to do a proper gender reveal on YouTube.

It’s Rob’s turn to bring our ‘Beat The Intro’ quiz so have your pens and papers ready and we have picked Cobra from 1986 featuring badass Sly Stallone, as our weekly geek out with the usual clips, original trailer and did you know about the X-Rated version?



Episode 27 - #MeTooTall

This week Tim knows everything about the ladies at the Soft Play centre and breaks the news to Rob that dogs see with their noses whilst Rob finds it hard to be tall on the school run and is getting clumsier by the day. We discuss Def Leppard as they have done a new track for Christmas, Amazon are trying to ruin Christmas, Once Upon A Deadpool and the end of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead.

In news, a shopping centre has to issue an apology for the Polar Bear Christmas display, a pilot shows off a little too much in Denver and a dog has a teddy bears picnic, we also dip into Daredevil Season 3 and the other Marvel shows on Netflix.

Our geek session this week is dedicated to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, we have the trailer, clips and all our thoughts on Bale’s Batman voice

You can contact us on twitter @underthumbpod, Tim is @anamazingpunk, Rob is @robdodsworth and we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

Dark Knight


Episode 26 - In The Bushes

In this weeks episode Rob and Tim remember finding mucky magazines at the train station, Marco has a cold, Tim drops his child off at an empty day care centre and an important update on Rob's stair lift. Rob has problems with Deliveroo and Burger King, the sad passing of Stan Lee, Charlie Austin feels robbed in the football and how many people still watch Black and White TV? 

In this weeks news a teacher shows the wrong video in class and an armoured vehicle falls to earth in North Carolina

Tim presents our Beat The Intro music quiz so send us your quiz sheets on social media, then the boys get to geek out over the eighties classic 'Back To The Future', the original trailer, clips and talk of deleted scenes are all here.

You can follow us on twitter @underthumbpod, Rob's @robdodsworth, Tim's @ anamazingpunk or find us on Facebook.

Back To The Future