This week we find out that Marco hasn’t opened his Christmas present yet and he’s been spending Tim’s money on Goop’s brand new vagina scented candles, Tim tells us he’s got a “family car” for more room in the back seat and he’s been to see the dentist again. Rob went to the local Pantomime with the family and ends up participating more than he wanted to and he’s been using the Letterboxd app for a whole year and they’ve sent him some stats.

Tim has seen Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and gives us his views without spoilers (because Rob hasn’t seen it yet)

Rise of Skywalker

and Rob has been watching the UK version of The Masked Singer on ITV.

Masked Singer

In the news a man has to have something removed from his backside in China, we bring details of the latest craze of Perineum sunning and a man dresses up as his mother in Brazil.

As usual we have a quiz to end the show, this week it’s Tim who has put together a TV Themes quiz so 1 to 10 on your answer sheets please.

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December 5, 2019

Episode 61 - Fish Mouth

This week Rob is sick of his son coming into his bed during the night so decides to set up a camera in his room to see if anything is waking him up in the night, Tim has watched all the Nightmare on Elm Street films over Halloween and wants to start on Friday the 13th franchise too then tells us about his new research project.

Rob tells us how he managed to lose his dog in the park and has Marco got himself a dog? Rob also wants to show Tim his new Batman socks and thinks someone may have made a huge error during the design (check our Instagram and Twitter accounts to see the pics).

Our film chat this week is all about Terminator Dark Fate (no spoilers so you’re safe if you haven’t seen it yet), T3, Salvation and a little Genisys thrown in for good measure.

Dark Fate

The news includes a boy who does things with magnetic balls, a man who had a good time with some tweezers and Apple have turned a Russian man gay and he isn’t having any of it.

Unfortunately Tim couldn't join us for the quiz this week so Rob's sister Linda happily steps in, 1 to 10 on your answer sheets please and tweet us the results @underthumbpod or email us at

This week Rob has been for an audition for the actual BBC, but has he had any success? We talk about a story that we may be getting from a listener about starring in a porn movie and Tim talks about his wife’s new, very expensive perfume and he’s not impressed.

We discuss the news that Snickers have gone back to using the name Marathon for a limited time only, Rob discovers that Tim may have been part of some strange “Friend Transfer” when he was just a kid and our good podcasting friend Toffa of The Master Debaters podcast has provided us with an anecdote/listener story that should make us laugh!

Marathon Bar

Tim has finally got around to watching Upgrade, re-watches The Hunt For Red October which we think was the first outing for Jack Ryan; Rob watches Creepshow on Shudder, American Horror Story 1984 and is struggling to get through season 4 of Preacher and blitz’s 13 Reasons Why season 3.

AHS 1984

In the news this week we tell you of an Uber Eats driver that makes an unscheduled delivery of his own and the Holey Poke game goes on sale in PoundLand for that extra special Christmas Gift.


To finish this episode we bring our Beat The Intro quiz as usual BUT.. this week we have TV themes instead!

September 22, 2019

Episode 59 - Top Shelf Stuff

This week we remember the corner shop having a VHS rental section, Rob has a parking dilemma when going to the Mobility shop and has Tim had another ghostly encounter?

We find out that Honey isn’t allowed to be eaten by Vegans because it comes from a Bee.. and we’re confused, Tim is ready to talk about his addiction to After Eight chocolates, Rob watches Stakeout starring Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez then Tim gives us his verdict on Brightburn.

After Eights

Our listener story this week is told by Mark ‘Fevois’ Feathers who’s been up to no good with his company laptop. If you would like to tell us your story on the show then feel free to record your beautiful voice (you can use your phone, it’s not complicated) send it to or DM us on Twitter @underthumbpod and you will be our star for the week.

Rob brings news of contraception gone wrong in China, Fanny gets her advert taken down by Google and an exploding blister during a flight has passengers furious.


To finish, as always, Rob has brought a Beat The Intro Quiz which is made up from intro clips from all our previous shows so we expect 20 out of 20!

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We chose to record this episode on Friday 13th and suggest that it be called National Jason Vorhees Day from now on, also Rob’s Alexa gets filthy with her fact of the day and we talk about Kevin Hart.

Tim has been celebrating his birthday this week and we find out that he is the IT department for the whole street and especially comes to the rescue of Elaine, the 80 year old from across the road.

We have been provided with a listener story this week which is part two of a previous tale told by Anita of The Unexceptionals Podcast (which actually is pretty exceptional, so subscribe to that now!), Tim remembers when we rushed to the vet with a dying dog and Rob’s mum gets Tim’s name wrong and calls him Jim.

Rob has been watching A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge from 1985 and comments on an actor who is like a fake Meryl Streep, also some of the great lines from the movie.


In the news a man gets assaulted by someone with a padlock, a tradesman gets caught in a belt sander at work and ‘Thumb Boy’ who has an abnormally long thumb has shot to internet fame.

Rob has provided this week’s Beat The Intro quiz so get your pens and paper at the ready.

This week Rob’s dog has an unfortunate stress related accident, Tim’s been to see a man who he hopes was a doctor for a prostate examination and a dentist sets fire to something in Rob’s mouth!

The Great British Bake Off is back on Channel 4 here in the UK but don’t try and watch it using on-demand services, Tim watches a YouTube video about Benny Hill whilst in the bath, Rob’s wife may have a Minecraft addiction and we try to make a playlist for Marco and stumble on Housework Hits on Amazon Music.

Benny Hill

Rob has watched Runaway from 1984 starring Tom Selleck and thinks his moustache could have been a hindrance to his career and Tim talks about a Flight of the Navigator reboot.


In the news we tell you of a woman who went to the doctors and was found to have a venomous spider in her ear, then to finish, Uncle Tim has brought our weekly Beat The Intro pop quiz.

This week Tim’s been cleaning his toilet without the help of Marco, Rob’s been to the dentist and doesn’t like what he’s hearing, we talk about men going shirtless during the heatwave and ask would you rather have a hot face but a battered body?

Rob re-watches Broken Arrow from 1996 starring John Travolta and then watches the new Disney offering Mary Poppins Returns.

Broken Arrow

Our listener story comes from Bobby Meek from the south who has a tale about his giant friend that used to come and visit sometimes which had disastrous consequences.

In the news to talk of more balcony sex accidents and a gentleman throws a lifeless bird at his opponent during an altercation.

Our Beat The Intro Quiz this week has been provided by our listener Henno so 1 to 10 on your answer sheets please and let’s see if you can beat us.

If you would like to be featured on our listener story segment then feel free to record yourself using the sound recorder or voice memo on your phone, e-mail it to us at and we'll do the rest; we're looking for funny, stupid, crazy, spooky and anything in between.

This week Tim has had Crazy Trev around to some handy work and we talk about frosted glass in bathrooms, Rob’s been to Scotland and has a drug fuelled daughter to deal with and a son with no shoes and hates going swimming in the on site pool.

Tim’s been watching GLOW on Netflix and has watched a few films from the Alien saga and talks a little about the coming projects, Rob watched A Dogs Journey on holiday and also watches Brightburn.

Dogs Journey

This weeks listener story is provided by Anita of The Unexceptionals podcast (listen to them, they're great) who goes back to the time they had a party to celebrate the end of school that didn’t go according to plan, this brings us to discuss the bases in relationships and how they work and also Tim’s recent visit to the doctors.

Unexceptionals Podcast

In the news we hear how a man castrated another man he met online whilst on a date and a gentleman who has serious anger issues when he hears certain noises.

Our Beat The Intro quiz this week was recorded a few days later due to a technical hitch so we recorded this part at Rob’s house and we had the opportunity to have Rob’s wife Andrea make her podcast debut whilst Tim and his partner Abbie are on the phone taking part too (it’s chaos!).

This week Tim is planning to take his lady away for a few nights and gets all romantic, Rob’s been to the hospital for a check up on his wrist again and we remember the days of Speedball 2, Kick Off 2 and Rainbow Islands on the Atari ST/Amiga and Fortnite has given us Season X.

Rainbow Islands

Rob has finally found a copy of the thriller ‘Pacific Heights’ from 1990 starring Michael Keaton, Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffiths and we also figure out that Michael Keaton has an occasional trait when delivering some of his lines. Tim talks about The Boys on Amazon Prime, the Seth Rogan link and Rob tells us that he just doesn’t like James Franco and has no idea why.

Pacific Heights

This weeks listener story is by Tara who tells us of her daughter’s possible past lives and the stories she tells (but Rob reads it out as she didn’t want to deal with the fame); in the news a lady in Australia gets offered money for her under garments, a delivery driver leaves an unexpected parcel and what does Amazon Alexa hear that you might not want her to?

To finish the episode, Uncle Tim has put together this weeks Beat The Intro Quiz but the question is, Can you beat Rob?

As always we want to hear your listener stories and feature you in our show, record them on your phone or computer, voice, video or simply write the story and we’ll do the rest, then send it to; it couldn’t be simpler.

This week Rob has the pain of taking Charlie to the tip after last weeks incident and they have experiences about the Car Boot sales, Tim’s been to the doctors for his ear ache and has a ‘Crazy Trev’ update for us.

Rob talks about one of his daughters friends who can burp louder than anyone else on earth, Tim is taking his lady friend on a surprise trip for her birthday and we talk about Weird Science from 1985.

Weird Science

We talk about Apollo: The Forgotten Films on Discovery which shows some footage of the moon landings that hasn’t been seen for years and what would probably happen if the did fake the footage whilst filming.


Isaac from Somerset provides our listener story for this week all about his 21st birthday in a Las Vegas strip club; if you have any story that you think we might find amusing, scary, embarrassing or anything really then please record yourself telling it then send it to us at

In the news we talk about a 4 year old going on a joyride, a cat slowly tries to kill it’s owner whilst he sleeps and a man walks into a Manchester pub and closes it down.

Then Tim and Rob are joined by Abbie (Tim’s other half) who loves our Beat The Intro Quiz enough to come on the show and do it with us.

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